Welcome to the Wild, Wild West

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to stand in the street face to face with one of the fastest guns ever to live, like John Wesley Harden, or maybe even "Wild Bill" Hickok.  Well here's your chance, The Association of Arizona Gunslingers is a Cowboy Fast Draw Association affiliated club.  Cowboy Fast Draw is one of the "fastest" growing shooting sports today, and the closest thing that you can get to a real gunfight.


  •        Tombstone        
  • March 2019
  • Bracket A
  • 1st-Shady Mike                               2nd-Everett Hitch
  •                                3rd-Mongo
  • Bracket B
  • 1st-Quigley         2nd-The Draw      3rd- High Strung
  • Texas State Championship
  • March 2019
  • Men Top 10
  • 7th - Everett Hitch
  • Old Timers Category
  • 1st - Everett Hitch
  • Gunfighter Bracket
  • 2nd - Everett Hitch
  • World Championship
  • October 2018

  • Range War Champions
  • Shady Mountain Team

  • 2018 Ladies Top Gun
  • 1st Place - Holli Day
  • 2018 Mens Top Gun
  • 2nd Place - Old West
  • 2018 Youth World Champions
  • 4th-Prickly Pear                    5th-Coyote Kid
  •      National Championship       June 2018
  • Ladies Top 20
  • 2nd-Holli Day       3rd-Yowee        7th-Troublemaker
  • Southern Territorial
  • May 2018
  • Ladies Top 10
  • 1st Holli Day
  • Men Top 15
  • 4th-Old West                                   12th-High Strung

We use real single action .45 caliber six shooters with a minimum barrel length of 4.5 inches just like the ones that they did back then; only we shoot a wax bullet propelled by a 209 shotgun primer.  Our holsters are pre-1900's style, no metal liners.  All you have to do is wait for the light, then draw, cock, aim, fire and hit that big'ol 24 inch round target that only stands 21 feet away, before your opponent does.

 The Cowboy Fast Draw motto is Safety first, Fun second and Competition third.  We are dedicated to creating a safe, fun and family friendly environment, so come out and experience life "The Cowboy Way".  We look forward to seeing you at our next event.  For more information please contact us or visit the Cowboy Fast Draw Association's official website at www.cowboyfastdraw.com and Join the CFDA today.

  • Winter Range
  • February 2019
  • Bracket A
  • 1st-Cowboy Up                          2nd-Broken Spoke   
  •  3rd-Whiskey
  • Bracket B
  • 1st-Bandana Kid                           2nd-Smokin Hank    
  • 3rd-The Draw
  • Bracket C
  • 1st-Grey Wanderer                         2nd-Dusty Jam   3rd-Desert Gator
  • Bracket D
  • 1st-The Stud                                    2nd-dogboy            
  •  3rd-Big Foot
  • Bracket E
  • 1st-Eagle Eye                                     2nd-Viper            
  • 3rd-Lone Rider
  • Bracket Shootist
  • 1st-Quigley                                           2nd-BA               
  • 3rd-Dirty Dan
  • Pioneer Bracket Shoot           Oct 2018
  • Bracket A
  • 1st-The Draw         2nd-Holli Day         3rd-Troublemaker 
  • Bracket B
  • 1st-Shady Mike                             2nd-Grey Wanderer         3rd-Wild Onion Willie
  • Bracket C
  • 1st-Boneyard Ranger                         2nd-Scattergun  
  • 3rd-Arizona Coy Dog 

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