Family and Friends Page 

Here's some photos of the folks you're likely to see at the Arizona Gunslinger's events, and other clubs, matches.  A great bunch of the friendliest folks you'll ever meet, they are helpful, selfless and down right dedicated to the growing sport of Cowboy Fast Draw and upholding it's motto, "The Cowboy Way In Action and In Deed."

Eagle Eye earns his letter in Academic Excellence his Sophmore year.  Congratulations!  

      Eagle Eye


         Lady Ace

 Miss Kitty "2012 & 2013 Colorado State Championships Women's Fast Draw Champion"!  Four Corners Territorial  Champion Southern Texas Territorial Champion           

 Thirsty - "Texas State Men's Cowboy Fast Draw Champion" in 2011 and 2012. 



  The Outlaw Josie Wales 

             The Stud

Tombstone Kid

Calaboose Bill 


   Noah Chance 


 Big Kahuna   Arizona Thumber 

    Rodeo Romeo     Quick Jack 

    Fire Magic

 Old West

Horse Thief or just  slow on the draw?

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