Lester P. Larceny 1945-2013

Postby Quick Cal ยป July 19th, 2013, 11:06 am
I have very sad news...

Last night we lost an ICON of CFDA. Our Friend, F.H. Shimer a.k.a. Lester P. Larceny, CFDA Life Member #1872, has passed away. Lester found Cowboy Fast Draw just several years ago, he was introduced to it by his old friend Billy 2 Guns, who we also lost just several months ago. Lester was a long-time stunt man and appeared in numerous films. He was involved in the Sport of Fast Draw in the 1970's, but lost contact with it until he found us again.

Lester was especially fond of the CFDA Shoot for the Stars - Scholarship Program. He has done so much to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Lester has been very active in Cowboy Fast Draw the past few years and loved going to all of the contests he could. He did very well in competition and would always hold his opponents accountable for hitting their target, he was very consistent.

I spoke to Lester just a few days ago and he was complaining of a cough. He had given up smoking several months ago and was proud that he did. He had just made some posts yesterday shortly before he died suddenly of a heart attack.

We will miss Lester and will remember him always as a true character of our game.

We will have a 21 Six-Gun Salute for Lester P. Larceny at the Fastest Gun Alive, during the opening ceremonies.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Marian, his wife of 47 years.

Farewell to Our Friend.....

Quick Cal, Director of CFDA

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