Gunfighters!  More news about the very first Cowboy Fast Draw Match to be held in the Sunshine State of Florida!!!

The Ancient City Conquistadors will be hosting the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH SHOOTOUT”!!! That’s right… Cowboy Fast Draw in Saint Augustine Florida! This will surely be a fun and exciting match! Gunfighters are coming from several states to participate with various skill levels, including folks that have never competed in Cowboy Fast Draw before. Folks are making plans and preparing or acquiring equipment and gear for this“History Making” event!
Here are details!!
DATE: Saturday, May 18th
LOCATION: Ancient City Gun Range, 85 Range Drive, Saint Augustine FL, 32092
TIMES: Registration begins at 8:30am and lasts until 9:30 when the Safety Meeting starts. The match will begin at 10am.
FEE: $20.00 payable at registration.
EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Since this is the “first”match in this area and is sort of an introductory match introducing Cowboy Fast Draw to Florida and the surrounding states, allowances are being made to relax the rules on holsters and handguns. However, all must be safe and in good working condition. Handguns will need to be in 45 Colt caliber due to the ammo that is being used. We will have extra guns and holsters there that may be borrowed during your particular time “on the line”. Holsters MUST be strong side western style designs. Preferably “Mexican Loop”, however for this event Buscadero Style holsters will be allowed. NO CROSSDRAW HOLSTERS of any type or style allowed. NO LIVE AMMO IS ALLOWED ON A COWBOY FAST DRAW RANGE. So please remove any live cartridges from the holster belts before arriving. For information on equipment, go to the Cowboy Fast Draw Association’s website at Western Style clothing is appreciated!!! Long pants and boots or other similar footwear is required. No shorts, or sandals. Also, needed... 45 caliber wax bullets (CFDA approved) and "shotgun primer cases". We may have some there available for purchase or possibly provided for an additional fee.
MATCH FORMAT: Everyone that competes will be shooting six (6) rounds and no one will be “X’d” out. However, we will be keeping track of your “X’s” and your times to determine who will be shooting in the “Magnificent 7” Championship Format Shootout to determine the final placements for awards. It will be a best “3 out of 5”, Shotgun Primered event. We will be shooting the first 2 rounds at 15 feet, the second 2 rounds at 18 feet, and the balance of the match will be shot at 21feet. All Cowboy Fast Draw rules for the conducting of the match will be followed with the exceptions of certain equipment as previously stated. This is only an allowance for this match and proper gear is recommended for future participation.
“We hope to see you on the line in Saint Augustine”!!!!    Gonna be too much fun… don’t miss it!
aka Jeff Duncan
CFDA Regulator and U.S. Marshal
Old Dominion Fast Draw
Roanoke, VA

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