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 From the Eagle's Nest                               12/15/2010 
By:  Eagle Eye               

Hello everyone, I would like to say that I am very sad that the 2010 shooting season has come to an end, although, I am ready for the 2011 shoots coming up.  I would like to thank Noah Chance, and all of the Arizona Gunslingers for making 2010 very fun and safe.  I would like to thank Gunslik Mick and his family for making Mesa Old West Days, Gunfight on Main Street a big hit. I am very happy to hear that we (us Arizona cow folk) are going to have an Arizona State Championship. Hope to see you there.   Well that’s all for now from the Eagle`s Nest.   Have a safe and fun Holiday Season.


From the Eagle's Nest                                2/19/2011              By:  Eagle Eye

Wow, only one more week until The Arizona State Championship.  I am ready to shoot and see you all at the same time.  I am very excited to know that shooters from all across the country are coming to the Arizona State Championship.  It looks like we’re going to have great weather, so you don’t have to worry about that famous Arizona heat, although our winter may feel like summer to some of you. Drive safely and see you soon. 

 From the Eagle's Nest                        7/9/2011
by: Eagle Eye

Well the first shoot for the brand new club the Rio Salado Vaqueros was PERFECT.  I would like to thank Mule Train and all of the Vaqueros for having all of us out to have a great time.  I look forward to shooting with everyone again soon, so please stay safe and take care.  Eagle Eye signing off….

 From the Eagle’s Nest                           7/23/2011

Well hello, Eagle Eye here, I would like to thank all the shooters that came out to the T-shirt shoot at Pioneer Village.  Sorry, but I forgot to pay the electric so the air conditioning was down… it was hot out, but still a lot of fun.  We have a new article works for the website, it’s going to be called ``Shooting from the Hip``…. This is a spotlight on one shooter a month that we will interview.   Well, see you all very soon.  Eagle Eye has left the nest……….

 From the Eagle's Nest                                2/5/2011
By:  Eagle Eye

I am overly excited to get the 2011 shooting season underway, and getting back together with my gun slinging family.  I can’t wait to see all of the smiling faces again; it’s so much fun to shoot with you all.  Even though one shoot is in the books, I can’t wait to get shooting again.  See you on the line.    


From the Eagle's Nest                                2/28/2011              By:  Eagle Eye

I can’t believe that the Arizona State Championship has come and gone so quickly.  First of all I would like to thank Thirsty, Noah Chance and EVERYONE who showed up and helped out in making the Arizona State Championship so much fun.  I would like to congratulate Arizona Colt, Fannie Mae, and Arizona Ranger for winning the first ever Arizona State Championship and becoming the first shooters ever to be crowned Arizona State Champions of Cowboy Fast Draw.  Have fun and be safe.


 From the Eagle's Nest                        6/5/2011
by: Eagle Eye

Hello all, I know that it has been a while since I last posted, but with good reason.  Since my last post a lot has happened, I promoted from the eighth grade, and now it's on to high school.  That's right, no summer vacation for me, I am attending summer school in order to get a head start and maybe even graduate in three years instead of four, you can't call "anticipation" on that.  On the same day that I promoted, my baby brother was born, don't worry, he'll have an alias soon, and I am now the oldest of four, or as the shirt that Mom made me says "Biggest Brother".  As for the club, well, Noah and Thirsty have been hard at work helping The Deputies, a new club in Southern California, get rolling, and putting on the "Gunfight at the Goldstrike" in Jean, NV that raised well over $700.00 for the CFDA "Shoot for the Stars" scholorship fund, way to go guys...  The shirts with the Arizona Gunslingers logo that were ordered are in and they look great, Boneyard Ranger also had a coffee mug made up with the logo on it that looks rally neat.  Well, I think that I have everything caught up, Eagle Eye signing off.

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